Anything they can do, we can do better

Meet Bundanoon – a small town of about 1,964 people in the NSW Southern Highlands, about 150 km south west of Sydney. In 2009, something BIG happened when 350 residents got together for a public town meeting. Bundanoon voted on implementing a voluntary ban on the commercial sale of bottled water and with only two casting dissenting votes and one of these being a representative from a bottled water company, the motion was passed, making the small town of Bundanoon the first town in the world to ban bottled water.

It began as a response to a bottling company from Sydney wanting to extract water from the town but turned into an environmental crusade after the town learned of the environmental impacts of the cycle. The local businesses and retailers agreed to the ban even before the community meeting. Now instead of selling bottled water the town installed filtered water fountains so that people can fill their reusable bottles free of charge.

The idea that these people have come together to make a difference and make a change in their community is inspiring even after 3 years and it showed the world that this can be down. Since 2009, universities and communities around the world have started to ban the bottle, some of these include the city of Concord Mass.  in the USA and our very own University Canberra!


TapThat is a cause dedicated to following the example set by these other communities. We want ban bottled water at UNSW and implement the same changes that Bundaboon has done by installing filtered water fountains across campus.

So come on sign our petition, because we can’t #BeattheBottle without you!!!

Places to check out: –

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