FIJI Water Leaves Fiji Without Water

The island nation of Fiji is one of our world’s few remarkable utopias where life seems to revolve around the sand and the surf. With its alluring flora, charming fauna, and its vast expanse of translucent blue waters, Fiji seems like the perfect getaway. Yet the islands are being exploited beyond belief for one of the globe’s most precious resources: water. When the FIJI Water company began bottling the naturally pure water from the islands in 1996, the integrity of the nation of Fiji was tarnished. FIJI Water began shipping water from the islands to their customers in the developed world a year later and the island nation of Fiji suffered. The BBC published a study in 2008 that showed that a third of Fijians lack access to clean drinking water while FIJI Water shipped in excess of 30 million gallons of fresh water from the thirsting island nation to refined outlets in wealthier nations. The problem is in the infrastructure of Fijian water supplies as well as the arrogance that multinational corporations exude in their own self-interest ventures. Water is a human right. How can we steal it from those who need it most and then distribute it in bottles that foster additional devastation of our environment?

Water is a resource that every organism requires in order to survive on this planet. Almost one billion people worldwide are without access to clean water. Our contemporary consumer society leads to the endeavors, like FIJI Water, that abuse the world’s precious resources. When people decided water was no longer any good unless it was packaged in plastic bottles, the water crisis along with global environmental health in its entirety suffered.

This is where TapThat comes in. By refusing to buy bottled water, we can help preserve the world’s water reserves and combat both the monetary and environmental costs of the bottled water industry.

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