Find Your Water!

There are great refill water stations at UNSW that are double sided and also have bubblers attached to them and below is  a quick map I made of all the places where they live.  So how about you bring a drink bottle instead of buying bottled water! You save water and the environment!

BTW the library also has bubblers on every level.



6 responses to “Find Your Water!

  1. It’s good that the university installed them at key traffic areas, where people are always moving in between classes or having lunch. What you don’t see is people lining up to use them, which in some respects is good, but on the other hand, it shows maybe not enough people are using them, perhaps. I suppose it’s because students are at university predominately in cooler seasons, as opposed to summer and late spring.

  2. Well, I sometimes have to wait but on the water fountains at UNSW there are two taps that you can use at the same time so that moves the line quickly (a picture is at the bottom of this post Also, if you banned the sale of bottle water wouldn’t that push people to use it more? I think people don’t use them as much because they buy a bottle instead and that is the whole problem. Changing peoples’ behaviour and attitude to water stations is part of the problem, don’t you think? IH

    • Banning bottled water sales would mean people would have to use the refilling stations. With more and more people in need of the service, it means UNSW would have to install a lot more around campus to cater for the need. Are they willing to spend the money to do so, let’s hope so.

      I fully understand what you’re trying to achieve. I’d be interested to see the percentage of income shops on campus receive from the sale of bottled water, and whether not selling bottled water would be practical. If it’s practical for them to stop, then that’s a big plus on your side.

  3. Well I just did an interview with the director of sustainability at UNSW and he is ready to support the ban and he agrees with you that we would have to sell the campaign on financial level. If we could somehow calculate that the university would save money on the cleaning up of rubbish that banning bottled water will reduce.

    Well, to be honest I see a lot of resistance with the retailers and the university to the project. A couple of years ago we had a ban of the sale of cigarettes and the the retailers on campus said they did suffer. However, we had then replace the sale of bottle water with the sale of reusable bottles we could counter weigh the costing.

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