Plan of Action to Beat the Bottle

I have talked about University of Toronto before and their successful implementation of bottled water ban. The plan below is based off the goals they used they used to ban bottled water across their campus and would be the type of steps we could apply at UNSW.

STEP ONE:  Gather student and community support to let UNSW know that here is a problem and we want change.

STEP TWO: Phase out the sale of bottled water in all food and retail outlets over a three-year period

STEP THREE: Invest in the installation of public water sources, which could include new or upgraded water fountains, and ensure that locations of public water sources are known.

STEP FOUR: Ensure that design standards for new buildings and major renovations include public water sources.

STEP FIVE: Eliminate the use of bottled water by academic and administrative departments for meetings and events on a voluntary basis.

STEP SIX: Invest in and support education and outreach activities. Explain the switch with information signs above the refill stations and around the campus, letting students know why this change has happened.

STEP SEVEN: Provide students with a free durable reusable water bottle at the beginning of the semester.

As you can see this all starts with you guys, so here is what you can do to start this change: –

  • Sign our petition that well be sent to UNSW
  • Like our Facebook
  • Share our petition/content from Facebook to your friends
  • Write on Facebook/twitter/blog that you want change
  • Contact UNSW and ask them for the change

With your support we can make small changes to make a big difference to our environment! So come on and #Beatthebottle!



Picture taken from here


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