Anti-Bottled Water Campaigns Hit Below the Belt

Advertisements like this one are just one way that environmental activists combat the bottled water industry. The ad is a blatant lie… and that’s the point.

Tappening is all about ditching the bottle for tap water (sound familiar?), but their approach is to fight fire with fire. Their ads exaggerate the truth, just like bottled water companies do. Bottled water isn’t made from melted ice caps and polar bear tears, but it isn’t “natural” or even “environmentally friendly” as many companies claim.

Check out more intense Tappening ads below:


2 responses to “Anti-Bottled Water Campaigns Hit Below the Belt

  1. I have been looking at a lot of adds as well for my cause which is similar to yours. WaterENG is about getting people to appreciate water and being less wasteful of it. A lot of the adds i’ve seen similarly use a bit of sarcasm. In the way the tappening adds make fun of the water bottle companies, the wasting water is weird video add i posted the other day makes fun of the people that are wasting water! Heres a link to it!

    • It seems like the environmental revolution tends to use this satirical approach, doesn’t it? Do you think it’s an effective way to tackle the issues at hand? – Nate

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