Why do you TapThat?

We wanted to share some of the reasons you gave us for ditching the bottle! Share your reason by signing the petition or leave us a comment!

“It’s pretty senseless for people to buy mineral water when tap water is just as good, if not better, and when the pre-existing infrastructure supports refilling of water bottles. Why not?” – Winnie Fu

“Sustainability is nowadays more important than ever. Back at home I only drink tab water and reuse a bottle many many times.” – Karolin Hunz

“I think people in Sydney under value the quality of water that is provided to us through our tap water. We have some of the best quality freshwater delivered to us compared to other regions around Australia and certainly the world. With this, it seems incredibly wasteful and ignorant for us to continue purchasing and consuming bottled water at UNSW (or in Sydney in general). I would prefer to see students, staff and visitors of UNSW utilise the water refill stations and bubblers that have been provided for our convenience.” – Lisa Mackay

“cos plastic is not fantastic” – Lucy Leech

“There is only one planet, and if we don’t move forward with what we know to be good for it, we’ll all be in the same boat when our world inevitably comes crashing down from these unsustainable practises.” – Jessica Eberle

“We use more water producing one plastic bottle than filling up a reusable bottle… 1 in 8 ppl globally do not have access to this necessity!” – Tom Lawrence

“Water bottles are a waste and take up so much space in landfills because people often refuse to be smart about recycling or reusing. There is not a reason any University should support this thoughtless yet pollution filled consumption.” – Audrey Edeberg

“I am concerned about the environment and am sick of seeing discarded plastic bottles on land and in our water. Bottled water is unnecessary and a great cause of pollution.” – Katherine Whiteoak


4 responses to “Why do you TapThat?

  1. My friend complained that she when she lived in the UK, a dead body had been found in a town’s water tank. It had been estimated that it was there for over three weeks.

    I know this is quite a rare case, but do you know what the safety checks are and how often drinking water tanks are maintained?

    • Obviously, dead bodies in municipal water tanks are a rare find. Most cities test public water daily at several points along the delivery system. Depending on where you live, you should be able to find specifications on your town’s water testing regulations and results online. – NC

  2. I tap that because bottler water is so expensive! Who wants to pay $2-5 for something that you can get for free. I think one of the reason people by bottled water is because it is cold. I would never buy bottled water if there where chilled bubblers around campus… sad but true.

    • I completely agree – buying bottled water is equivalent to buying canned air. If it’s free, why pay for it? And as for the chill-factor, it’s been shown in taste tests that people prefer the taste of cold water regardless of where the drinking water comes from. – NC

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