The Story of Bottled Water

In today’s consumer society, the manufactured demand surrounding bottled water perpetuates the problem. Before bottled water entered the market, people were perfectly content drinking tap water.

Still not convinced bottled water is bad for the environment? Watch this:

Too lazy to watch? Here are some of the facts:

  • tap water consistently wins taste tests over bottled water
  • bottled water can cost 2000x more than tap
  • Americans buy more than half a billion bottles of water weekly – that’s enough to circle the globe 5 times (and Australia isn’t far behind)
  • bottling companies started bottling and selling water to increase profits, mostly by scaring, seducing, and misleading the public
  • 1/3 of American bottled water is just filtered tap water
  • the amount of oil used annually in the US to make water bottles is enough to fuel 1 million cars
  • many plastic bottles that are sent for recycling are actually sent abroad and downcycled rather than turned into new bottles
  • “The biggest enemy is tap water.” – Robert S. Morrison, PepsiCo vice-chairman (2000)
  • the plastic bottling companies contribute to the pollution of public water sources
  • public water services are underfunded because people believe drinking water only comes from a bottle
  • 1 billion people worldwide don’t have access to clean water
  • cities spend millions cleaning up the plastic bottles we throw away

THE BOTTOM LINE: Don’t drink bottled water unless the tap water in you community is truly unsafe to drink.


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