It’s not what it seems

Around the world people are transforming plastic bottles into art and structures, inspiring recycling and drawing attention to the damage that these bottles can cause to the environment.

Plastic Bottle Christmas Trees by Fabrice Peltier in Paris.


The worlds’s first plastic bottle structure in Taiwan.

Mary Ellen Croteau was ignited by the idea that plastic bottle caps are normally ever recycled and she has created this beautiful portrait completely out of bottle caps.

These innovative ways of transforming the purpose and  use plastic bottles is the type of thinking that we need to apply in order to make a change in our world.



4 responses to “It’s not what it seems

  1. I actually really like the look of incorporating glass bottles into the design of houses. It’s nice to add that collage style to some feature walls, and it’s great to reuse our resources!

  2. It’s actually made of 1.5million PET bottles- so it’s plastic, how amazing! I agree, it looks beautiful and really serene in a way, which is odd since normally I view just the destructive nature of plastic bottles, instead of the beauty. IH

  3. This post is amazing! I’m never throwing out a bottle again…storing them up so I can build a house.

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