The TapThat Challenge

The semester’s all but over and we haven’t reached our goal yet, but that doesn’t mean we’re throwing in the towel.

We want to challenge you to beat the bottle on your own! Take the TapThat Challenge and commit to a week, month, or even year without bottled water. Do it for yourself, do it for the environment, do it for whatever.

Whether you buy bottled water regularly or if you only cave once and a while when you think you’re out of options, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to ditch bottled water. It’s been two or three years since I’ve purchased a bottle of water. I’ve survived without it and you can too. All you really need is a reusable bottle and a bit of willpower.

Commit to the challenge by tweeting us “I’m taking the #TapThatChallenge!” or just comment below! Get your friends involved and make it a not-so-friendly competition.

How long will you last?


5 responses to “The TapThat Challenge

  1. I have just cleaned out my room and car today and have found at least 20 water bottles! Seeing all the water bottles together really made it hit home. I’m definitely going to take the tap that challenge, with the amount of bottles I buy I would definitely be able to make a difference. I know that i do appreciate water and value it, but it’s just as important to be as proactive when it comes to bottles too! Hopefully by me admitting to the large amounts of bottled water I buy, it will help to de-stigmatise the issue a bit and other people will admit to this too and take part in the challenge!

    • It’s hard to recognize our personal impact on the environment until we see something tangible, like the bottles you found in your room. Good luck with the challenge & let us know how long you last! – Nate

  2. I fully support your campaign! I never buy bottled water just because I LOVE THE WORLD and want to reduce the plastic waste! Let’s try our best to raise people’s concerns!

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